July 4th Stanislaus River Adventures AS ONE WE FLOW July 4-7, 2013


River Guidess
4804 Schultz Road
Oakdale, CA 95361

Join RiverGuidess Adventures and Bay Area Conscious Community as we relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate our InterdepenDANCE on the Stanislaus River this Fourth of July weekend.

For 4 days and 3 nights, we have exclusive access to a lush and magical, private riverfront estate, just over 90 minutes from the San Francisco Bay, on the road to Yosemite.

Enjoy comfortable shaded camping on velvet lawns, gentle rafting, river swimming, various forms of conscious & ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation, massage, hot showers, gourmet organic meals, and more!

Discover sandy beaches, hammocks & rope swings galore, exotic statues, a temple made of redwood trees, plants carved into topiaries, and more surprises at every turn.

Leave your cares, cell phones and computers behind. Come down to the river and play!

With a summer full of events, please choose from these three weekends:

July 4-7, 2013: AS ONE WE FLOW http://riverguidess.com/july-4-2013/

August 2-4, 2013: PEACE LIKE A RIVER http://www.riverguidess.com/aug-2-stanislaus/

August 30-Sept 2 ~ Labor Day weekend RIVER OF BLISS http://www.riverguidess.com/labor-day-2013/

Photos, videos, and testimonials at: http://www.RiverGuidess.com

Celebrating 20 years in the flow ~ from California to Baja, Costa River & beyond, since 1993.

Just over 90 minutes from the San Francisco, Bay, on the road to Yosemite.

Source: RiverGuidess