Second Chances: 2014 Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco

2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

I’ve been meaning to post this, better late than never :)

As I shared in a previous post, in June I entered the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Random Draw and my name was not drawn. This was going to be my first half marathon, so I was a little disappointed. However, I kept my eye out for other opportunities to enter this great race. A few runners also shared with me that there might be a second chance draw.

Then on July 24th I was excited when I received an invitation to a second chance draw for people that did not get into the race. In order to qualify runners would have to complete the first two weeks of training which would begin on July 28th.

Unfortunately, during the first week of training I would be on a trip for my birthday, but I was very determined to qualify for this draw. Although, I was very happy to see that one of my rest days happened to fall on my birthday.

After successfully completing the first two weeks of training, I would know by August 15th during Week 3 of training, if my name was drawn. I think most runners that qualified for the second chance draw would agree that just like the initial draw, this was a very nerve wracking week!

Nike definitely built-up the suspense by waiting until the very last day to notify me.

Finally, on August 15th I received an e-mail with subject: “Congratulations, You’ve Earned Your Second Chance to Run SF!”

2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

I was extremely happy to hear that I earned an entry into the race. I immediately registered to secure my spot. My next thought was, “Wow, I just committed to running a half marathon”.

Then I began making travel plans and have since been preparing for the race.

My training is going great! I’m currently in Week 6 and have ran a total of 97 miles. I’m proud that I haven’t missed any training days. Especially since each week is a little more challenging than the previous.

What has kept me going is looking back at how far I’ve come in the past month. Every week I am setting new personal records.

2014 Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco

I ‘m excited to be one of 25,000 runners at my first half marathon on October 19th.

Now I can officially say…WE RUN SF!

Thank you for stopping by.


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