New Running Adventure: My First Trail Run

“Enjoy vistas of the Pacific Coast and of the spectacular Marin Headlands with views of Tiburon, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.” Coastal Trail Runs

I read this and thought, sign me up! I’m always looking for new fitness adventures. Well, this race was definitely an adventure.

Recently I participated in my first trail run. The event was called the Golden Gate Trail Run and it was held at Rodeo Beach in Sausalito, CA. The race was put on by Coastal Trail Runs. Over 600 runners registered for 5 miles, Half Marathon, 30 Km, Marathon or 50 Km.

Since this was my first trail run, not knowing what to expect, I signed up for the 5 mile run.

The views at the start were amazing as we were right next to the beach. It was a beautiful morning with surfers out in the water and dogs playing on the beach. We got to watch as the first few waves of runners headed up the trail and into the Marin Headlands.

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Then they called for the 5 mile runners and we were off!

Although I knew that most of my race would be on dirt, I had no idea how much the elevation changes would affect my run.

Within the first mile I quickly realized that we were all more concerned about our footing than speed. My biggest regret was wearing regular running shoes. I highly recommend anyone who is new to trail running wear trail shoes to help prevent injury.

The first 2 miles or so it was a bit steep and rocky. This was the most challenging for me, since all my running is done on a flat surface with little to no elevation changes.

When I finally made it to the top, all my hard work was worth it! The view of Rodeo Beach was amazing and at a distance I could see the Golden Gate Bridge. The start was also in view and I was surprised at how far up I had traveled.

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As I headed for the last half of my run, I noticed that the trail was less rocky which allowed me to run most of the way down.

Coastal Trail Runs: Golden Gate Trail Run Summer 2014

The finish was near the start and the organizers provided fruit, salty snacks, assorted candy, water, Electrolyte sports drink and more. Runners got to choose between a green or black tech shirt and everyone received a finisher’s medal. Coastal Trail Runs did a great job organizing this race.

Coastal Trail Runs: Golden Gate Trail Run Summer 2014

As a first time trail runner I noticed that at times the run felt more like a hike. The terrain and elevation changes also made it more challenging than typical runs. However, this is the reason I register for these races, for a new challenge and adventure.

The Coastal Trail Runs slogan is “Have fun out there!” and I can confirm that trail runs are a lot of fun. I look forward to my next trail run and more amazing views!

Have a great week!


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