Luck of the Draw: Nike Women’s Half Marathon

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

At the beginning of the year I finally incorporated running into my weekly workout routine. I‘d been dragging my heels for a long time since I don’t like running on treadmills and the few times that I ran outside for my workout, I realized that it was different from simply jumping on a cardio machine. When running outside I had to keep in mind the weather and I could only take a few things with me.

Well I bought all my running gear and started heading out on runs. The first few weeks were a bit challenging, but I began seeing an improvement in my endurance level. I now run a few times per week and average 6 miles per run. RunKeeper has become my favorite App to track my runs. The App allows me to look back and see how I’ve improved.

A few months ago I volunteered at a Marathon and got the opportunity to award medals at the finish line. I’ve received a few finisher’s medals myself from shorter races, but I would have to say that congratulating runners at the finish and placing medals on them was an incredibly rewarding experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was very inspiring to see runners of all levels accomplishing person fitness goals.

While volunteering I met one of the Pace Leaders and they planted a seed in my head. They encouraged me to train for a marathon. I’ve entered several 5K and mud runs, but no long distance runs. While I feel a marathon would require a lot more training, since I’m now running regularly, I’ve decided to enter my first half marathon this fall.

After making this a personal fitness goal, the first run that came to mind was the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. Last year I heard many great things about this race, which made me even more excited to register for my first half marathon.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon

I went on the event website and after reading the registration information, I quickly realized that my only chance of running would be through a random draw that opened on the following day.

I joined thousands of runners and entered the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Random Draw. Knowing that notifications would be sent by June 27th, like many others I anxiously checked my e-mail account for a Nike e-mail and credit card for a Nike charge. I think this is the only charge that I’ve ever looked forward to receiving.

Then finally on June 26th I received my long-awaited Nike e-mail, I rushed to open it and it basically read “unfortunately your entry was not accepted”. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed, I really wanted this to be my first half marathon. However, as with any draw, I realize that there is no guarantee.

Although my name was not drawn, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon is an amazing event that I still want to be a part of this year. For this reason, I plan on volunteering the day of the race.

My goal is still to enter my first half marathon this fall and I’m looking forward to a new PR….Personal Record for non-runners :)

Good luck to anyone running in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!!

Have a great week!


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